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Aloha Editor, simple editing

Your employees should enjoy editing, updating and extending contents, hence editing has to be as simple as possible.

In our latest version of Gentics Content.Node we added a HTML5 Editor, called the Aloha-Editor. Aloha Editor is a worldwide standard for editing.

» Try it yourself at http://www.aloha-editor.com

Time to create contents is limited. Gentics Content.Node enables you to create and distribute contents in various channels. Gentics Content.Node's editor makes editing texts not only easy but it can also present your multimedia contents on your website in HTML, PHP, JSP, etc.or Flash or XML as well as your intranet in portals like Gentics Portal.Node, IBM Websphere Portal, SAP Netweaver Portal, Microsoft Sharepoint Portal, JBoss, Liferay and many more.

What you see is what you get:
  • Live-Editing – WYSIWYG directly in the text
  • Easy to learn
  • Preview of unpublished content page
  • Videos and picture gallerys without any effort
  • Wiki edit mode (processing directly on the website or on the portal)
  • List view– visualization of all elements (images, files, ...)
  • Table editor
  • Template based system (seperation of content, design, structure)
  • Supporting barrier-free content (based on WAI-A-AAA)
  • Automatic link management
  • Versioning and restoring of sites
  • Timing of publication
  • Check-in and check-out of sites
  • Free defined content elements (texts, tables, images, videos, ...)
  • Integration of your workplace (WebDAV)
  • Comparing page version (highlighting changes)
  • Creating contents once, distribute as often as needed
  • Distribute contents in several channels (IBM, SAP, Microsoft Sharepoint, JBoss, Liferay, etc).
  • Presenting contents for mobile terminals
  • Insert Flash-applications with dynamic contents
  • Publish your contents in XML

No training - easiest to use

Haymo Meran
Haymo Meran Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)