Austrian consumer portal opting for Gentics CMS 

von am 9.12.2019

In November 2019, the Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs (BMASK) successfully relaunched its consumer portal with a new design and based on the Gentics Content Management Platform (CMP). 

The consumer portal is the first of three projects which the Ministry will implement with Gentics Software. We are very pleased to continue our long-standing and successful cooperation with BMASK. 

Thanks to the intensive and excellent collaboration with the highly motivated team at BMASK we have been able to launch the portal within one year. Our use of the agile project management method “Scrum” has also contributed to this quick result. 

Dr. Beate Blaschek, head of the department Financial Services and Consumer Education at the section Consumer Politics and project leader on behalf of the Ministry, is pleased that a large number of female project managers were involved in this IT project and thinks that this is “a good sign” for the IT sector which is still very male-dominated.  

Consumer portal for information and education

The new portal is divided into the two areas “Consumer questions” and “Consumer education” to cater for the different requirements of the two main target groups: On the one hand those users who want to gain information on consumer protection, and on the other hand members of the teaching community who will find fully prepared teaching material on consumer education.  

Gamification in support of knowledge transfer

The portal uses a playful approach to knowledge transfer which makes it much easier for users to remember the consumer information that is provided. Short quizzes present information on topics such as bank loans, insurance policies or investments. With the help of the Gentics forms generator, content managers can quickly and easily implement such quizzes and view the results directly within the CMS.

The new design of 

The user-friendly and accessible design of the platform was created by the agency Corporate Matters, a long-standing partner of Gentics. It uses clear and visual elements to put a new focus on the available content.

One such example is the large collection of teaching material, among others on saving: An interactive illustration presents the multitude of available documents (PDF files) in a way that is easy to understand and is based on categorisations by colour.

Dipl.-Ing. Jasmin Öztürk (Projektmanagerin)

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