Gentics CMP 7.7 has been released 

von am 20.4.2020

The first release of the Gentics Content Management Platform of the year 2020 has been published.

(c) Gemma Ferrando/Westend61/


Further development of the user interfaces

In Release 7.7, a large number of enhancements have been added to the Editor and Administrator user interfaces:

  • The visibility of the focus point of the images used has been improved
  • The Link Checker custom tool now allows to view the potentially broken or invalid links of all online projects in one overview
  • On the Gentics CMS Administrator user interface, widgets can now be added to the dashboard sidebar
  • Error messages have been improved
  • Messages and notifications displayed in the Editor user interface can now be archived or deleted

(c) APA-IT

Support of client certificates

More and more systems are supporting the use of client certificates, and the Gentics Content Management Platform (Gentics CMP) is now among them. The new integration further improves the security of our systems for our customers. Gentics Mesh supports client certificate handling to ensure that both client and server trust the established SSL connection.

Implementation branches

In Gentics Mesh it has already been possible to branch data into individual branches, starting at the current record, with the aim of editing the branches independently of each other. This functionality has now been implemented for all of CMP. Consequently, you can now publish Gentics CMS data in a separate branch of the Gentics Mesh Content Repository. This step is carried out via the properties settings of the Mesh Content Repository. By adapting the properties, Gentics Mesh creates a separate branch and publishes the data in it. In order to view the content of the new branch, a new portal instance is started which offers a preview. 

This feature can for example be used to import a website relaunch. Thanks to these separate branches, multiple versions of the website can be online in parallel for a relatively short period of time of the active import. It is therefore possible to preview the website without the need of an additional stage and to test its functionality without affecting the performance of the previous version.

(c) Ale Ventura/PhotoAlto/

Helm charts for Kubernetes deployment

The provision, scaling and administration of automated container applications via Kubernetes has now been implemented for the components of the Gentics Content Management Platform via helm charts. 

They are available for:

  • Gentics CMS
  • Gentics Mesh
  • Gentics Portal | php
  • Gentics Portal | java
  • Keycloak
(c) Kniel Synnatzschke/Westend61/

For an overview of all improvements, please see the changelog on our info portal.


The upcoming CMP Release 7.8 is already planned for the month of May. Our Gentics customers can look forward to the following improvements:

  • Further development of the Editor and Administrator user interfaces
  • Preparations for the rollout of the forms generator in CMP: In the CMS, the user interface will be moved to a custom tool in order to improve usability.
  • Further improvements to the Gentics Image Store within the framework of CMP
  • Availability of the tag list in the new Editor user interface
  • Support of Redhat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Plug-in for Acta Nova integration

Jacqueline Preiml, PreSales & Tender Management

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