Gentics CMP 7.8 has been released

von am 18.6.2020

On May 20, 2020, Fidelio – the latest release of the Gentics Content Management Platform – was published.

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The continuous improvement of the Gentics CMS Editor and Administrator user interfaces is again playing a major role in the current release.

Among other features, CMS users can look forward to the following improvements and enhancements:

  • Displaying the pages that were last visited or edited (via the down arrow button in the search bar)
  • Entering text in Time Management (it is no longer necessary to select the date from the calendar)
  • Direct access to the user guide via the CMS 
  • Availability of the tag list in the new user interface (via the properties) 

Improvements to the Gentics Image Store

In addition to the already available resizing option in Gentics Mesh it is now also possible to crop images with the help of the auto function. In that case, Gentics Mesh crops the image to the desired dimensions by using the aspect ratio of the original image, as it is done in Gentics CMS. With this enhancement, the functionality of the Gentics CMS Gentics Image Store is now also available for the Gentics Content Management Platform.

Plug-in for the integration of Acta Nova

In the course of implementing the eGovernment portal for the Swiss Department UVEK, a plug-in for the optimum integration of Acta Nova (GEVER system of the Swiss Confederation) has been realised for Gentics Mesh in collaboration with our partner Rubicon IT.

This plug-in allows to directly “publish” forms configurations from Acta Nova to Gentics Mesh. The Gentics portal uses these published configurations to generate forms which can then be filled in by citizens, companies or organisations and which are directly written into Acta Nova as an input.

Redhat 8 support for Gentics CMP

Gentics CMP now also supports the latest Redhat release in release 8.

The most important change concerning operators of Redhat 8 servers is the switch from docker to podman. In this environment, the containers provided by Gentics can now also be deployed and managed via podman.

Enhancements of the Enterprise search

The current release includes many improvements concerning the Enterprise search. For example, it is now possible to configure separate settings or mappings for each language. This feature greatly facilitates the use of language-specific stemmers and lists of stop words. 

For an overview of all improvements, please see the change log on our info portal.

(c) Anna Huber / Westend61 /

Outlook on Gentics CMP 7.9

  • Further enhancements of the Gentics CMS user interfaces
  • Caching improvements in the Gentics portal | php
  • Enhancements to the external link checker (among others, Search & Replace)

Jacqueline Preiml, PreSales & Tender Management

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