Interview with John Resig at the jQuery Conference in San Francisco

von am 18.4.2011

From April 16th to April 17th 2011 I was in San Francisoc at the jQuery Conference to present Aloha Editor. The evening bevor the event the jQuery Association invited all speakers to a dinner. I had the chance to talk to John Resig about jQuery.

I: What is your reason to start the jQuery project?

John Resig: I wanted to use Javascript browsers independently. It happened to be of interest for a lot of other people.

I: Recently many versions of jQuery have been released within a rather short period of time. When will jQuery 2.0 be released?

John Resign: I don’t think that there will ever be a version 2.0. jQuery has a good API, which makes it easy for software engineers to use Javascript. We are permanently working on improving existing features. Browser Manufactures offer their help to accelerate jQuery in the browser- this is alos in their interest, as jQuery is integrated in 44% of websites worldwide. We also work on optimizing jQuery. The introduction of .prop() at version 1.6 increased the existing attr() by 85% and the optimization of .trigger() .data() by 115%. A better and more efficient cooperation within the jQuery team were reasons for the high frequency of releases since 2010. We plan to publish a new version every 3 months, similar to Google Chrome or Mozilla. Changes of the 2nd number of the version (e.g. from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0) indicate changes of the API. With changes of the 3rd number of the versions (e.g. 1.6.0 to 1.6.1) we show you the publication of secure and compatible bugfixes. Should there ever be a version 2.0, it would be an evolutionary development and not a complete new version.

I: What do you think about on server sideJavascript?

John Resig: Cool. There are no browser bugs. I don’t want to say anything about performance and scalability.

I: Which tool do you use for developing?

John Resig: Termial, Vim, git. Firefox und firebug, chrome, dev tools and some others on virtual machines. We use a makefile and lint for testing the javascript code.

I: Thanks.

About John Resig
John Resig is a Javascript Tool Developer for the Mozilla Cooperation and the author of the book Pro Javasript Techniques. He is also the creator and lead developer of the jQuery Javasript library.

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