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von am 29.6.2011

User interfaces of PCS have changed during the last years. Changes happened slowly, but distinctive. The design became more modern and attractive. The optical impression became a close part of user experience. Besides the business functionality it plays an important role when it comes to the decision of buying and the benefit of the software. Mobile apps are the new trend. Their functionality and color will dominate web apps and desktop apps of the future.

Yesterday was gray: Windows’s business.

Due to Microsoft the graphical user interface of the PC became a mass product. From the very beginning on the color (mouse)gray dominated the operating system. The whole user interface was kept gray with menus in dark blue – not a sexy working environment. Above all it was very technical and functional. Microsoft turned the less attractive gray to a brightly green and later to blue.

Silver is the presence: Apple’s lifestyle.

Since OS X Apple has used an exclusive design that convinces with details. In Aqua, the graphical user interface of the operating system OS X gray dominates, but with droplet-like elements and liberal use of translucency and reflection effects. These effects let the gray shine in silver. Menus are transparent and everything appeared appealing and liquid. Users were enthusiastic, Apple has created a new trend. The Aqua User Interface was introduced in January 2008.

Black is he future: Mobile apps.

Apple keeps the interface of mobile apps black. Google’s Android is presented in black. Very characteristic is the glossy transparency, which gives the interface style and makes it appear elegant.

Gentics makes its Web apps elegant black.

On April 6th Gnome 3.0 has been released. The open source system is dominated by the color black. On June 6th Steve Jobs introduced the new OS X Lion. It is very clear that the experiences from mobile apps are realized on the desktop. The new mailing program in OS X is similar to the mobile mailing program of iOS. The desktop gets an app store. I think that the elegant black style will make its way on the desktop and on web apps. Yesterday even Google changed its menu to black.

Also Gentics is renewing it's UI with black menues and improving the complete user experience with a project called Black Panther.

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