Sozialministeriumservice, the central point of access for people with disadvantages/disabilities, goes online with Gentics Software 

von am 13.5.2020

At the end of last year, “” was successfully relaunched on the basis of the Gentics Content Management Platform (CMP).

Relaunch Sozialministeriumservice
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The services of the Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs with nine provincial head offices are the central point of access for people with disabilities and/or disadvantages. They are a subordinate agency of the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.

The agency’s work mainly focuses on the professional inclusion of people with disabilities. To this aim, it coordinates the wide range of connected services for employees and businesses. Sozialministeriumservice is also responsible for issuing disability certificates and parking cards and furthermore determines the degree of disablement and provides support to family members who give care.

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Inclusion on the web

The web inclusion of people with disabilities, health-related impairments and/or disadvantages is a very exciting and current topic. We are therefore particularly pleased that Sozialministeriumservice entrusted Gentics Software and the Gentics team with its expert knowledge with the relaunch of its online presence.

“Thanks to the excellent collaboration of the Ministry for Social Affairs, Sozialministeriumservice and the Gentics team, the website of Sozialministeriumservice was successfully relaunched within a project duration of just five months. Right from the beginning we were particularly pleased with the uncomplicated project flow and also with the highly intuitive CMS user interface”, says Peter Weiner, PR officer at the staff department of Sozialministeriumservice and project manager of the relaunch.

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A new way of using a language plug-in 

With the implementation of our language plug-in, Sozialministeriumservice can create three different page variants: 

  • German: The original content of a page
  • Easy to read: A content variant with short, easily understandable sentences which can be taken in well by cognitively impaired persons
  • Sign language: This page variant allows the use of videos showing the content in sign language. At present, this option is not used.

Clear focus on particularly relevant topics

The main topics have been placed prominently on the start page to make navigation easier for the website’s visitors.

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Comprehensive download area

True to the spirit of digitisation, Sozialministeriumservice provides many forms and online resources for download. To that purpose, a separate page with its own template and dedicated functionality has been created in Gentics CMS. All files are listed in a special CMS folder. They can be searched by keyword via an integrated search functionality and filtered by predefined categories.

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New design

Our partner Corporate Matters redesigned the web presence of Sozialministeriumservice on the basis of the corporate design of the Federal Government of Austria. The style guide was implemented on the proven Gentics Content Management Platform.

The website of Sozialministeriumservice is the second of three projects which the Ministry implements with Gentics Software. Konsumentenfragen and Arbeitsinspektion have also been realised on the basis of the Gentics Content Management Platform.

Jacqueline Preiml, PreSales & Tender Management

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