Gentics Team

Tomas Bach - (c) APA

Tomas Bach
UI/UX Experte & Konzeptionist

Theresia Bach - (c) APA

Theresia Bach

Dominik Decker - (c) APA

Dominik Decker

Philipp Dörre - (c) APA

Philipp Dörre
General Management

Lisa Frech - (c) APA

Lisa Frech
Senior Developer

Tina Grimm - (c) APA

Tina Grimm

Nikolaus Grünbichler - (c) APA

Nikolaus Grünbichler
Junior Developer

Viktoria Häusler - (c) APA-IT

Viktoria Häusler
Team Assistant

Julian Haumer - (c) APA-IT

Julian Haumer
Junior UI / UX Developer

Patrick Höfer - (c) APA

Patrick Höfer
Senior Developer

Reni Hoxhaj - (c) APA

Reni Hoxhaj

Oleksii Iepikhin - (c) APA

Oleksii Iepikhin
Junior UI / UX Developer

Almir Imeri - (c) APA

Almir Imeri
Junior Developer

Patrick Klaffenböck - (c) APA

Patrick Klaffenböck
Senior Developer

Olexandr Kuzmenko - (c) APA

Olexandr Kuzmenko
Junior Developer

Joan Maina - (c) APA

Joan Maina

Maximilian Lukowski - (c) APA

Maximilian Lukowski
Support & Queue Manager

Denis Neshyba - (c) APA

Denis Neshyba
Senior Developer

Nina Novotny - (c) APA

Nina Novotny
Buisness Analystin & Konfiguration

Peter Nyari - (c) APA

Peter Nyari
Senior Developer

Jasmin Öztürk - (c) APA

Jasmin Öztürk

Moritz Palnstorfer - (c) APA

Moritz Palnstorfer

Nemanja Pantoš - (c) APA

Nemanja Pantoš

Nicolaus Piso - (c) APA

Nicolaus Piso

Serhii Plyhun - (c) APA

Serhii Plyhun

Doris Pokorny - (c) APA

Doris Pokorny
General Management

Norbert Pomaroli - (c) APA

Norbert Pomaroli
Software Architect

David Rainer - (c) APA

David Rainer
Developer & Queue Manager

Bernhard Riegler - (c) APA

Bernhard Riegler
Product Owner

Denise Schindelböck - (c) APA

Denise Schindelböck
General Management

Andreas Schreiner - (c) APA

Andreas Schreiner
Junior Developer

Philip Schulz-Klingauf - (c) APA

Philip Schulz-Klingauf
UI/UX Design Lead

Dajena Tafka - (c) APA

Dajena Tafka

Gerhard Weninger - (c) APA

Gerhard Weninger

Philipp Zettl - (c) APA

Philipp Zettl
Junior Developer

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