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The regional web portal for all Austrian Chambers of Labour

Content sharing

Provides reusable content for 10 portals

Newsletter, shop and web tracking

Integrates a newsletter, shopping basket and web-tracking solution


Services millions of request very quickly

This portal unites nine regional webpages. Visitors obtain information from their federal province.

There are tens of thousands of content items to be found. The Gentics portal search assists.

This portal relies on a range of integrated service applications.

Project description

10 portals united in one ...

The Chambers of Labour, or AK for short, represent the social, economic, professional and cultural interests of employees in Austria. Information on the subjects of employment, taxation and law, education, career and family, employment and family as well as consumer protection can be found on the AK portal. In the scope of a tender, the Chamber of Labour opted for Gentics products and had a highly accessible portal developed, which accommodates millions of users per month.

In addition to an architecture which is failsafe and virtualised, the portal software Gentics Portal.Node was also used. The numerous interactive modules such as voting options, comments, a form generator and shop system, etc. are used with many of the AK services on offer.

Gentics had the chance to carry out the project and still provides continuing development support to the Chambers of Labour today.

Website: www.arbeiterkammer.at





"Gentics successfully implemented the extensive requirements from our specifications sheet. In addition to our mobile services based on responsive design, the project was characterised, in particular, by the integration of numerous applications such as a form generator. The Gentics CMS provides stable services for our range of seven million hits per month".

Doris Himsl, Austrian Chamber of Labour

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