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Social intranet for 44,000 employees


Integration of CAS technology for single sign-on for all applications

Enterprise 2.0

Blogs, Wikis, innovation platforms, integration of SAP as a job platform


Services tens of thousands of personalised hits at the same time

Intranets for seven countries, numerous organisations, Erste Bank Österreich and 60 Sparkassen Group banks united in one portal.

Direct management communication via blogs and direct employee feedback via comments and likes.

100,000 central content items are distributed virtually to nearly 60 banks and can be changed on a selective basis via intranet.

Project description

Erste Group was founded in 1819 as "Erste österreichische Spar-Casse". In 1997 it went to the Vienna Stock Exchange with its strategy to expand its retail business to Central and Eastern Europe. Since then Erste Group has acquired more than ten banks, increasing its number of customers from 600,000 to 16.5 million. 95% of these customers live in EU countries and consequently enjoy the stable legal system.

In 2009 Erste Group decided to implement the seven-country group intranet with Gentics products. s IT Solutions, Erste Group's IT service provider, carried out the project in collaboration with Gentics. The result was an Enterprise 2.0 intranet, which, in addition to the participatory options such as evaluations and comments for the over 44,000 employees worldwide, also offers blogs for management communication or within specific user groups and Wikis for project/product documentation.

In 2013 the next phase of expansion was begun and the intranet was extended for Erste Bank Österreich as well as the Sparkassen Group. Over 100,000 central content items are provided virtually to Erste Bank Österreich as well as to the nearly 60 Sparkassen Group banks. Thus every organisation obtains their individual, personalised intranet on a Gentics products-based platform.









"Uncomplicated implementation, excellent service and innovative ideas reaffirm again and again our decision to have set up our intranet platform for Erste Group, Erste Bank Österreich and the Sparkassen group with Gentics. In collaboration with s IT Solutions, an outstanding project was accomplished for our 44,000 employees".

Tanja Blunder, Erste Bank Group

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